Corrections to An Orogenous Life, Ben's memoir

The mistakes and typographical errors noted below will be corrected in the next printing, along with other typos not worth mentioning here. For now you may wish to mark the changes below into your copy.


Copyright page (back of the title page), after "Lucky thing the raven was home that day," insert "(Added image from a photo by Barry Giles.)"

Page vi (sixth page in the book), add these names to the acknowledgements: Barry Giles, Jim Hunter, Rainer Schmid.

Page 125, in the first paragraph remove reference to Martin Luther King Jr. I had always thought that King was a key figure in the Congress of Racial Equality, but he wasn't. King's organization, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, was allied with CORE, and it and all the other major civil-rights organizations in the U.S. cooperated during the Chicago protests.

Page 196, fourth paragraph, change “three territories” to just “territories.” (There were only two in 1968, three when Nunavut was declared later on.)

Page 198, also fourth paragraph, change "Wolf" to "Wolfe."

Page 296, about midway down the page, change “Garlic?” Laura.” to just “Garlic?”

Page 342, last paragraph, remove “some 3000 of us in total.” Jasper's correct population at that time, about 3500, has already been given on page 337.

Page 344, first paragraph, change “surrounding the town” to “south of town.”

Page 369, fourth paragraph, change “Burton” to “Berton.”

Page 396, remove mention of the Bankhead book, which was already written by the time the Handbook came out but published later. Somehow I forgot that, duh.

Page 490, first paragraph,  change “last summer” to “last year.”

Page 491, upper photo, change “June 2013” to “22 June 2013.”

Page 539, second paragraph, change “cut” to “cutting.”

Page 563, upper part of the page down to the blank line should be in italic type.

Page 594,  beginning of the sixth paragraph, remove “He never did tell me his name.” It’s redundant.

Here are a few changes to the index:

Page 614, add “Cesco, Sue  457

Page 617, add “duck in basement  350

Page 619, to item “Fortney, Bill,” add 581